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Bangkok's first 24-hour library is almost ready to open

Prepare for library all-nighters in the Old Town.

By Bonnie Sananvatananont | Mar 14, 2017

  • Bangkok's first 24-hour library is almost ready to open

Last year, we reported that Bangkok would welcome its first 24-hour library, dubbed The Bangkok City Library, by the end of 2016.

Things haven't exactly gone to schedule, but the latest indications from the library's Facebook page suggest construction is now 90-percent complete, with further reports setting an opening date of Apr 1.

The three-story, 4,950-sq-meter library is located in the newly-restored Ratchadamnoen Building on Rachadamnoen Road (near Khok Wua intersection) in Bangkok's Old Town. Worth approximately B296 million, the building comes in a high-ceiling, neo-classical design that combines elements of Eastern and Western architecture in the style appreciated by Kings Rama 5, 6 and 7.

Inspired by UNESCO's selection of Bangkok as the World Book Capital back in 2013, the space promises three floors of pure heaven for bookworms, including sections on Thai culture, Asian literature, world literature, international children's literature, science reference books, plus a "Hall of Fame" where the best works of historical Thai literature will be on display. In total, an estimated 30,000 books will be in the starting collection.

On top of that, expect an education center, a film and letters archive, an on-site cafe, computers for searching e-books and, of course, plenty of open-floor reading space.

Recently announced is the inclusion of a tribute zone to HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej, under the theme "The Father of 7 Fields of Knowledge," which will feature information and books on His Majesty's royal projects and various achievements.

However, despite being billed as a 24-hour library, a recent story on Voice TV states the venue will only open from 8am-midnight during its first few months, in order to gauge the demand for full opening hours.

The library will be free for the public to access as initially planned, though there's no confirmation yet of any membership fees.

Check out the video and images below for a taste of what's in store:





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