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This Bangkok fresh food market was just ranked No. 4 in the world

And we couldn't agree more. 

By Bonnie Sananvatananont | Apr 20, 2017

  • This Bangkok fresh food market was just ranked No. 4 in the world
    Or Tor Kor Market. Credit: CNN

CNN recently released their top 10 ranking of the World's Best Fresh Markets, with Bangkok's Or Tor Kor market ranking at number 4. 

The ranking fell three spots short of the no. 1 prize, which CNN gave to the La Boqueira Market in Barcelona. Others on the list include Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market, New York's Union Square Farmer's Market, Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, London's Borough Market, Singapore's Kretya Ayer Wet Market, Pennsylvania's Lancaster Central Market, Antibes' Marche Provencal Market and Hong Kong's Kow Loon Wet Market. 

Or Tor Kor Market, located next to Chatuchak Market, is a popular morning destination for those looking to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and ingredients. The CNN article also praised the market for being well lit, and packed with "perfect produce". 

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