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Your weekends just got a lot more chill thanks to Open House

Central Embassy’s vast and beautiful open space blends art books, award-winning restaurants and innovative social spaces.

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By BK-PROMOTED | Apr 19, 2017

  • Your weekends just got a lot more chill thanks to Open House
    Open House at Central Embassy
Open House is the newly opened 7,000-sq-meter space on the 6th floor of Central Embassy. The uninterrupted floor plan runs from terraces overlooking the leafy grounds of the UK Embassy to  6-meter-tall windows overlooking Phloen Chit. In between, a sprinkling of open-space cafes, two-story-tall bookcases packed with rare are books, a serene co-working space and a crafty workshop area.
Designed by renowned German-born, Tokyo-based architect, Astrid Klein, co-founder of Klein Dytham Architecture (KDa), the decor has a simple, organic quality thanks to a generous use of wood and a hand-painted ceiling.
“It’s a hangout space,” says Klein. “And Bangkok being so hot, you don’t really want to go outside. Instead, you can sit here in the cool and still enjoy the greenery from outside. Open House provides a space that you can relax and hang out without feeling too much pressure to shop or spend money all the time.”
For such a vast, open space, the feeling of intimate, cozy spaces is preserved by Klein’s inspired design, which is arranged into eight zones: Eating Deck, Eat by the Park, Open House Bookshop by Hardcover, Co-Thinking Space, Art Tower, Design Shop, Open Playground and Diplomat Screens Embassy by AIS.

“We want to keep the big, open space and break it down to make it feel more comfortable, smaller corners where people feel protected and not so exposed.” Klein says. “Open House also aims to give different experiences. You can hang out all day, any time of day. In the morning over breakfast you can do a bit of work. You may have a meeting after a while in the meeting space then you could have lunch and browse through the books for more inspiration and ideas.”
Open House successfully tackles the needs of the 21st century shopper by offering a retail experience e-commerce simply can’t compete with. It’s a place to meet friends, eat together, work together, discover new books by flipping through their pages, or see a movie in all its silver screen glory. It is the new standard by which all new lifestyle destinations will be judged and it’s already proven a hit with Bangkok’s trend setters, making it the city’s must-visit weekend destination.
“Shopping should be like a visit to an art gallery. It needs to be curated. It should offer something different in the morning, during lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening, because were different during each time of the day and we want and look for different experiences,” says Klein. “And of course it’s very different on Monday and Friday. It’s all about immersive, 360-degree experiences that evolve around the lives for the customers, catering to their needs and changing lifestyles.”
The space has attracted all the top names in town. Grab an eclair from celebrated patissiere Carol Boossaba at Paris Mikki, taste the pillowy pizzas of Paolo Vitalleti at Peppina, and browse the expertly curated selection of art books from Shane Suvikapakornkul of Hardcover and Serindia Gallery fame. The rotating live artists and craft-centric workshops have been equally exciting, so make sure to follow Open House on FB [] and Instagram [@openhouse.ce] to stay in the loop.
Open House is located on the 6/F of Central Embassy. Phloenchit Rd. BTS Phloen Chit. Open daily 10am-10pm.

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