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Sathorn Unique Tower

Sathorn Unique, the 47-story unfinished building on Charoenkrung Road dubbed “Ghost Tower” since its abandonment during the Tom Yam Kung economic crisis of 1997, has long been a drawcard for adventurous travelers. Twenty years later, Pansit Torsuwan, 46, the low-profile owner of the building, has finally come out to put a stop to trespassing on the property. With Museum Siam just unveiling an exhibition dedicated to the financial crisis, Pansit defends the tower from accusations it’s a monument to the country’s failure.

Whether urban playground or unwanted monument of the 1997 financial crisis, the unfinished Sathorn Unique tower still looms large on the Bangkok skyline. 

Source: BierYoga (via Facebook)

Bringing all new meaning to happy hour. 


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Jess Barnes (left) and Sorrento Sathorn

Opposite Mess Hall's Jess Barnes returns and there are no bao buns in sight. 

World Class

Cocktail competitions have become big business. Cynics say the number of booze awards has become so oversaturated that to win is all but meaningless, while others praise how competition raises the standard and creativity of what the bar scene offers. Whatever you think, the difference between winning and losing can make or break a bar’s fortunes. Here’s a calendar of Bangkok’s biggest cocktail comps of the year, and a look at their past winners and losers.