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Having been absent from the music scene for nearly a decade, outspoken Bakery Music founder Kamol Sukosol Clapp, aka Sukie, 45, is back again with a new single, “Forever Young,” and a newfound love for EDM. He chats with BK about what he’s learned from his hiatus and all that’s wrong in the local music industry.

Jai Sira, age 32, got his start in Australia, where he performed at the famous ARQ in Sydney. Since returning home five years ago, he has found work dressing up as celebrities and fictional characters, especially Madonna and his latest performance, which has caused a stir on social networks, for the Thai premiere of Maleficent

Arom Phoharnrattanakul, aka Cutto, 32, the frontman of pop duo Lipta, has more than 200,000 followers on Facebook and has garnered 63 million views on his popular YouTube channel Tigercry. Following the release of Lipta’s 3rd album, Young, Cutto talks to BK about his past insecurites and how social media helps keep him sane. 

Pet's Ville

Bangkok is teeming with furry cuteness. Here are the best spots to let your pooch get pampered while you're out of town.

The eye-catching shop displays at Flynow are actually the work of a small design company, Gui&Co., led by Chira “Gui” Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, 31, the ex-bassist of indie band Samurai Loud. Gui, whose family is well-known in art circles and includes famous illustrator Kru To Chiratorn, who organized the collaborative Hybrids Festival last month, where you could buy sculptures while browsing for clothes. Here, he talks to BK about his plans to open a Mahanak gallery to showcase his family’s love of arts.

Rodfai Market

Bored of those luxurious malls in town? OK, it's hot, but you can avoid the sun and the pricey brands by heading to this selection of after-dark bazaars.

Thanachart “Benz” Siripatrachai, 26, caused a stir in 2012 with his photography project “Smartphone,” in which he took pictures of people’s reactions after he shouted random words like “omelet,” “alligator” or “Kafka” at them to get their attention while they were using their smartphones on the MRT.  Now, he’s gone viral with his new book’s promo clip, “BKK 1st Time,” which has already reached over 2 million views on YouTube. BK chats with him about his book New York 1st Time and his creative process.


BK returns to the hip drinks and dining complex to sample its newest venues.